Forever Friends Dollhouses and Miniatures is located in Olney, Maryland, in a residential section of the Maryland suburbs, a short drive from Baltimore, Columbia, Frederick, Annapolis, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. We do all of the building, painting, and installing electricity in our shop.  We also repair and restore older dollhouses.

In the early 1990’s we were working fulltime, raising our 2 boys, and doing local dollhouse and miniatures shows. We knew that many of the shops in our area had closed because of the high cost of rent and overhead in the Washington, DC area. In 1991 we moved into a larger home and decided to set up shop in part of our lower level. The ping pong table was covered with dollhouses and when our older son got married; his room was quickly taken over by wallpaper, flooring, lighting, building, and electrical supplies. Forever Friends now takes up the lower level of the house and more often then not our living room and dining room are occupied by dollhouses in various stages of progress.

In 2004 Ruth retired from her fulltime job and began opening during the week. Ron retired 2 years later. We then opened four days a week and found ourselves spending most of our spare time in the shop.

Little by little what was once Ron’s workshop was taken over by merchandise and a checkout counter. Ron moved his workshop into one half of our garage and until the heat and cold working in the garage took its toll and we decided it was time to move the workshop again. This time we did away with our formal dining room and moved the workshop into this space.

Ron is known for his ability to “troubleshoot” problems in customer’s electrical systems and by explaining the basics of electrifying miniature projects has helped many people get started electrifying their own houses and other miniatures.

After nearly 40 years, in June 2022, Ruth decided to take a step back from her 12 to 14 hour days being involved in all of the endless tasks it takes to keep up with ordering, stocking, being open for customers and bookkeeping. It was time to  work on the many projects never finished over the years, spend more time with Grandchildren and be able to sit and relax reading a book or having lunch with friends. 

Being in the dollhouse and miniatures business has given us an opportunity to spend time together enjoying a hobby and business that has become part of our daily life. We take great pride in our ability to provide quality 1″ miniatures at reasonable prices for both the beginner and the seasoned collector.

We have always found that miniaturists are great people who love to show pictures and talk about their houses and other miniature projects. We are always happy to show off our own special collection of dollhouses and miniatures.

Ruth and Ron Dubois

Membership: Forever Friends is a supporting member of NAME (National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts).