Forever Friends Dollhouses and Supplies
2105 Bishops Castle Drive
Olney, Maryland  20832

New Look & New Focus

We have totally reorganized our shop

As of June 2022 Forever Friends will no longer carry Dollhouse Furniture & Accessories.

Ron will continue to build houses, do house repairs and restorations, and work on customers electrification needs

After nearly 40 years Ruth has decided to take a step back from her 12 to 14 hours days being involved in all of the endless tasks it takes to keep up with ordering, stocking, being open for customers and bookkeeping. It is time to settle down and be able to work on the many projects never finished over the years, spend more time with Grandchildren and be able to sit and relax reading a book or having lunch with friends. 

We will continue to have full stock of:  

  • Doors, windows, shutters, door knobs, knockers, mailboxes, etc.
  • Electrical Supplies and lighting fixtures:  We carry Cir-kit and Creative Reproductions 2 Scale Systems plus lights & chandeliers from numerous artisans and manufacturers 
  • Wallpaper: 18 drawers from many manufacturers
  • Plain wood, door and window trim, crown and floor moldings, gingerbread, corner and strip molding, siding, wood and other flooring, bead and board, etc.
  • Tools, window plastic, miter saws and boxes, tweezers, knives and razor blades, glues, etc.
  • Stairs, porch trims, posts and balusters, fencing, lattice, apex trim, wood brackets
  • Shingles: Wood, asphalt, plastic sheets

A “Mom and Pop” shop in Maryland, we do all of the building, painting, and installing electricity ourselves. In business for over nearly 40 years, our dollhouse building and finishing supplies will meet the needs of all of your one inch scale miniatures for inside and outside your dollhouse or miniatures project.

Let Ron help you with your lighting and electrical needs. Ron is known for his ability to “troubleshoot” problems in customers’ electrical systems and can get you started on electrifying your own house or other miniature project by explaining the basics and showing you how it is done on our electrified sample house.

LED lights are now a major innovation for electrifying dollhouses and room boxes.  LED lights are cool to the touch, use a lower amount of electricity and have a much longer life span. Ron is up-to-date with all of the new products and can even put room LED strip lighting into most finished houses with a minimum of wire that may need to be concealed.

Forever Friends Dollhouses & Supplies has the Largest Supply of Building, Finishing Supplies, Electrical Components, & Lighting in the Area

 We are a short drive from:

Columbia, Baltimore, Frederick, Annapolis, DC and Northern Virginia.

Forever Friends has a New Look & New Focus



As of June 2022 Forever Friends will no longer be carrying Furniture Accessories.

We will continue to carry dollhouses, dollhouse finishing supplies, wood, doors, windows, flooring, shingles, electrical components, lighting and much more.