Forever Friends will hold 2 Basic Electrical Classes in October

Classes will be held at Forever Friends on

Sunday October 6, 2019            12 pm to 2 pm

Sunday October 20, 2019        12 pm to 2 pm

Ron will be conducting 2 classes covering the basics of electrification for miniaturists wanting to learn how to install electricity or want to learn how to make electrifying a house or room box easier.  

He will cover the basics:

  • How to plan your electrical needs
  • How to get electricity into your house 
  • How to lay tape, make connections and get it on all floors
  • How to connect a ceiling light
  • How to install an outlet
  • Using Led strip lighting
  • How to determine the correct power supply for your project

Ron will be using tape and other items available from Cir-Kit Concepts but major focus will be on a newer system that is available from Creative Reproductions 2 Scale.  You may have seen this company exhibiting at one of the retail shows.   

Every participant will have a board and supplies to use during the class that they can take home to use or have as a sample and reminder of what is learned during the class.  

The cost of the class is $70 per person which includes your board and supplies.  Classes are limited to 6 people. You must sign up and pay for the class at least 5 days in advance of the class by cash, check or calling in your Credit Card, 301-774-3037.

Ruth and Ron